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ARK CONSULTING influencer marketing consultant

Scaling the Creator Economy


“Noah's pulse on Creator Economy trends, combined with his ability to translate his knowledge into actionable strategies, has been incredibly valuable. He's a true Growth Consultant.” - Dom, Founder ThisThat

About Noah & Ark Consulting

Ark Consulting specializes in empowering leaders in the creator economy, bridging the gap between innovative strategies and tangible business results. Founded by Noah, a veteran in advertising and creator economy, Ark focus on advising startups, brands, and agencies seeking to harness the untapped potential of this dynamic sector

Under Noah's leadership, Ark Consulting brings a wealth of experience from companies like Tagger Media, VMLY&R, Fullscreen, Social Native, Tongal, and Fat Earth ensuring your business leverages the creator economy effectively. We don't just plan; we back it with data, ensuring your investment in the creator economy is not just safe but also profitable.

The Problem

Creator marketing is complex, requiring substantial investment and strategic allocation. Our expertise lies in navigating these challenges, offering solutions that are data-backed and result-oriented.


Data-backed Decision Making

Marketing resources are tight and creating, let alone, justifying budget to invest in creator marketing requires buy-in from key decision makers, understanding profitability, knowing your objectives and being able to execute. 

That's a big task. Ark helps across each step to ensure all variables are considered and you make the best decision for your business.

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We excel in creating profitable business models for our clients, ensuring every decision is optimized for maximum impact.

Creator Resource Management

Growth Advising & Business Development

Before Ark, Noah led growth and business development for Tagger Media, Social Native, Fullscreen and Tongal. With experience selling creator solutions across SMB and Enterprise, Noah provides clients strategic guidance on how to GTM with new services, optimize pricing models, identify partnership opportunities, and refine market positioning.

A good plan is backed by data. But collecting the right data, that tells the right story and illustrates the opportunity cost of taking action vs not taking action is hard to create. 

Ark helps clients slow down - define the critical path for success and then helps bring it to life.

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