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Creator/Influencer Technology Selection

There are over 1,000(!) influencer platforms & agencies all vying for your business and all promising similar capabilities - but which one is actually right for you, your business and your specific objectives?

Answering that question correctly and selecting the right technology stack is critical. It sets the foundation for how successful your creator program will be.

I meet with leaders in the creator technology space daily, and pass my knowledge and learnings to my clients where I help them select partners based on their business goals. I assist in formalizing your influencer strategy, guide you through the influencer technology or managed service selection process, and help launch your initial influencer strategies - saving you precious time, energy, and resources.

Growth Advising & Business Development

Leveraging 10 years of growth and business development experience, I provide strategic guidance to founders and executive teams on driving growth and business development. This includes: launching new services, optimizing pricing models, identifying partnership opportunities, and refining market positioning to enhance profitability.


Notable accomplishments include driving an 8x MoM increase in net new ARR and supporting a strategic business pivot for a SaaS platform. With my assistance, businesses can accelerate growth and achieve their objectives more efficiently.

Corporate Development & Innovation

Using my extensive network of founders, senior marketing executives, VCs, I advise companies on corporate development and M&A opportunities in the Creator Economy. Conversely, I also help match founders looking to raise funding or exit via acquisition with the right strategic partners. 

My specialty in corporate development is identifying new creator economy start ups focusing on niche solutions that compliment the larger influencer marketing tech and managed service providers (ie. creator measurement, creator-AI, payments and financing, etc.) 

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