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ARK CONSULTING influencer marketing consultant

Driving Success in the Creator Economy


“Noah's pulse on Creator Economy trends, combined with his ability to translate his knowledge into actionable strategies, has been incredibly valuable. He's a true Growth Consultant.” - Dom, Founder ThisThat

About Noah & Ark Consulting

Noah, a seasoned advertising expert, has dedicated his career to empowering marketing leaders to tap into the potential of the Creator Economy. Leveraging his specialist knowledge and a tailored approach, Noah founded Ark Consulting in 2021. His mission is to provide custom creator and growth solutions that meet the unique objectives of each client.

Prior to founding Ark Consulting, Noah shaped his perspective on the creator and influencer industry by spearheading business development for Lumanu, Tagger Media, Social Native, and Tongal. In these roles, he forged partnerships with renowned brands and agencies. Today, he leverages this expertise to help clients effectively allocate resources and devise scalable, data-driven creator-marketing programs.

Ark Consulting isn't just another consultancy—it's a strategic partner that accelerates business objectives leveraging the creator economy. From C-suite executives to startups, Noah collaborates to position businesses for success in a fiercely competitive market.

The Problem

With over 1,000 influencer platforms and agencies all promising the same results and capabilities, it can be daunting to discern which one truly aligns with your business needs and how to optimize your investment.


Consulting brands and agencies on the ever-evolving trends in branded content and influencer marketing.

Corporate Development & Innovation

There are over 1,000 influencer platforms & agencies vying for your business and all promising similar capabilities - but which partners are actually right for you?

I meet daily with leaders in the creator space and share my knowledge and learnings with my clients, allowing them to invest in partners confidently.

Leveraging 10 years of growth and business development experience to provide strategic guidance on driving growth including: launching new services, optimizing pricing models, identifying partnership opportunities, and refining market positioning to enhance profitability.

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Influencer Technology Selection

Growth Advising & Business Development

I advise companies on corporate development and M&A opportunities in the Creator Economy. Conversely, I also help match founders looking to raise funding or exit via acquisition with the right strategic partners. 

My specialty is identifying new creator economy start ups focusing on niche solutions that compliment the larger influencer marketing tech & managed service providers (ie. creator measurement, creator-AI, payments & financing)

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